I am a UK based textile designer with a thousand ideas at my fingertips. I am heavily influenced by the animal kingdom and ancient mythology, blending the world around me with my own dream universe. From the depths of this fantastical union is born a little piece of magic, crafted into something special that you can bring into your own home. Home is your sanctuary, home is your kingdom, home is your source of energy – make it somewhere that you want to be.  



My designs propose a new way of understanding reality that is unique and special to each person.

I was initially drawn to design as an archive of memory and a means to reconstruct our emotional connection to the objects around us. Working from photographs and historical references, the illustrations give life and new meaning to untold narratives. Seeking to preserve a snapshot of our ever-changing natural world, my drawings animate and reinvent traditional, symbolic imagery to create prints with a sense of nostalgia and a dreamlike fantasy. 




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